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Debunking the Myths About Interior Design

There are a multitude of myths people have about interior design. These preconceived notions make people hesitate from hiring an interior design company to give them the look they want to achieve. This is why it is important to look at these myths and understand the truth behind them.


Myth #1: Every Interior Design Company Offers the Same Thing

This is completely untrue. As with any industry every business is a little different in what they offer. Some only offer interior decoration while others offer full interior design. Also, some designers only take on residential clients while others take commercial and residential clients. One company may offer concept design and a store while others will not. This is why you should consider what you are looking for from the interior design company to know which one will be right for your needs.


Myth #2: Professional Interior Design is Too Expensive for Me

Obviously their services are not free or cheap. However, this does not mean it will break the bank. In some ways you can actually save money compared to doing your own design. Since they are professionals by trade they understand the right quantity of products to buy. Many DIY-ers waste money on excessive or wasted products which can increase the cost of the project.

It is also important to keep in mind that your interior design company will sit down with you to come up with a budget. This will help them to understand what your budget is and how they can make the room fit within the budget. Even if the whole project will not work with this, they can help you figure out where you can save money and which areas you should invest in.


Myth #3: Clients Have No Say in the Design Process

This could be true depending on the designer. There are some that believe they know what is best and will just give this to their clients. However this is not the case with most companies. Rather when you hire an interior design company, they will sit down with you to get an understanding of what you are looking for. They take this time to really learn your desires for the project. They will come up with the plans for the room which you can approve or make revisions to. The vision of interior design is to help the client realize their vision for their space and this cannot be done without proper communication.


Myth #4: All Design Companies are the Same

In reality, design companies differ just as much as businesses in any other industry. It is important that you find an interior design company that fits what you are looking for. Do a little research to ensure that you will have the finished product you want. Some offer additional services, such as a store or concept design. This can help you to create just the look you want in a shorter amount of time.