Interior Design- Hire a Professional or DIY?

In the technology driven world we live in, DIY projects seem easier than ever. Apps such as Pinterest offer a plethora of design ideas. For many DIY-ers and overachievers out there, this seems like the ideal way to create the perfect room. So are the days gone of looking for the best interior design company St. Petersburg has to offer? Consider these factors.


Understanding the True Nature of DIY Interior Design

Most find the creative aspect of designing a room exciting. You may be giddy over the thought of running to your local home improvement store to peruse the color swatches and take a class on texturizing your walls. Even the thought of shopping for the perfect pieces for your space can seem like an adventure. You may even have several Pinterest boards filled with inspiration. This is essentially the honeymoon phase of the design project.

In reality though, the design is more than the average person can handle. One reason is simply because the average person lacks the training to understand what all goes into creating a breathtaking space. This can result in a completed design that looks incohesive or smaller and cluttered. Some even find they aren’t pleased with the completed look.

This does not mean that doing it on your own is wrong or will lead to catastrophic results. It is important to understand that doing the project yourself will require a significant amount of time, effort and knowledge to complete.


The Difference an Interior Designer Can Make

Obviously hiring a professional to handle the design will free up a lot of your time as they will handle this. It does not mean that you will not have any input. Your Pinterest boards are not going to waste! You can share them with the designer so they can help you realize your vision.

By bringing together the education and years of experience in design, a professional is able to make the room more functional than you ever imagined. They look at ways to accomplish your goals, such as adding more seating without impacting the amount of space in the room. You will find that the completed project not only matches your style and personality, but it is livable and comfortable as well.

There are numerous elements a designer can utilize in a space. Even an aspect as simple as lighting can make a significant impact on the overall feel of the room. These professionals assess every detail of the room to create a unique and cohesive final product that fits with the style of their clients.


The Compromise

Not everyone will use the best interior design company St. Petersburg has to offer for their room. If you must do it on your own, there are a few tips you should keep in mind:


  • Always buy the best quality you can afford
  • More is not always more! Too many items in a room can make it feel cluttered and smaller
  • Be mindful of every purchase- do you need this piece for the room or are you simply buying it because you like it?
  • Put adequate time into planning and edit your ideas before you shop
  • If possible have an interior designer consult on the project- they can help ensure you get what you are looking for.


Before you get started on the room yourself, call one of the best interior design companies St. Petersburg has to offer. You may be surprised at what they can offer.