Interior Design- Hire a Professional or DIY?

n the technology driven world we live in, DIY projects seem easier than ever. Apps such as Pinterest offer a plethora of design ideas. For many DIY-ers and overachievers out there, this seems like the ideal way to create the perfect room. So are the days gone of looking for the best interior design company […]

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Debunking the Myths About Interior Design

here are a multitude of myths people have about interior design. These preconceived notions make people hesitate from hiring an interior design company to give them the look they want to achieve. This is why it is important to look at these myths and understand the truth behind them.   Myth #1: Every Interior Design […]

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Wunderland- Setting the Tone for Interior Design

n the urban setting of downtown St. Pete you will find Wunderland. It sits just a block from the water on a highly trafficked corner. Before you even walk into their office you can already tell what this interior design company in St. Pete offers. While there is no denying they offer interior design, there […]